FIFA 17: Story Mode Review

Did you ever imagine that FIFA could ever have a story mode? Believe it or not, FIFA 17 will feature a mode tagged “The Journey”. Read on to get to know what The Journey is all about.

The main character/ protagonist (whom you control) is Alex Hunter, the grandson of England legend, Jim Hunter. At the start, Alex is a young and talented footballer who has just graduated from the academy. Choose from any of the 20 Premier League teams to begin Alex’s journey to the top.

This mode features new scenes in FIFA, which can include locations such as the manager’s office, the dressing room,the team’s plane, a cab and the training ground. EA Sports’ newly adopted Frostbite engine makes all these scenes more realistic and brings a footballer’s career closer to you than ever before.

As this is a story mode, it also features some emotional and family related scenes, which helps to make the mode more human and interesting. The Journey also makes sure that Alex’s actions on the pitch determines the storyline. Score the winning goal in the Champions’ Cup final and be invited to a post-match press conference, but miss a golden chance and explain yourself to the manager.

Note: As the game is not released yet, we do not have all the details, but stay tuned or subscribe to the Games 360° Blog newsletter to get the latest news on FIFA 17 straight to your email inbox.


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