Liga BBVA now exclusive to FIFA 17

EA Sports and La Liga (Liga BBVA) have announced that La Liga will now be exclusive to FIFA.

What does this mean?

This announcement means that only FIFA 17 will be the only video game that will feature the above mentioned league. This also means that PES will now have to negotiate with all Spanish football clubs before they can appear in the game.

It also means that FIFA have the exclusive right to all the stadiums, teams, referees and players in the La Liga.

How does this affect PES?

Apart from the fact that PES now has to speak with clubs individually, it may also affect PES sales negatively this fall. PES has now failed to make any league exclusive to their game (Aside UEFA competitions).

This news was announced at an EA Play extension held at the Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid’s stadium) in Spain on the 12th of June, 2016.

Fernando Morientes, former Real Madrid, Valencia, and Liverpool player, who is presently a La Liga ambassador announced the news and unveiled FIFA as the official video game of the Spanish league.

Morientes also showed that he was not only an expert with his feet, but also an expert at wielding a controller by defeating an EA Sports FIFA representative.


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