PlayStation VR overview

Have a knack for virtual reality gaming? Forget the Gear VR and other headsets, the PlayStation VR is the headset to beat.

When the PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, the gaming world did not know that it was not just a high-end gaming console, but also one that will be capable of new technology like virtual reality.

The PlayStation VR, which was announced earlier this year, is billed to be released in October. The PlayStation VR is already classified as the Oculus Rift’s rival on the virtual gaming scene. The latter is being adopted by Xbox which is PlayStation’s biggest rival.

The major game announced to support the headset is Playstation VR Worlds.

Also, the headset is said to require a PlayStation camera to function. The latter also costs an extra $60, which in addition to the $400 headset means that VR gaming on the PlayStation won’t be cheap.

But all the features announced for the headset show that it will be worth the money. The headset will work on both the PlayStation 4 and the yet to be released PlayStation 4 Neo, Sony has confirmed.

All the pre-orderable copies have been sold, within a hour of its availability.

This headset will really make a difference for the world of VR gaming this year.

Watch out for the PlayStation VR!


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