PES 2017: Gameplay Overview

This fall, precisely September 13th, PES 2017 will be released. This article highlights the major gameplay upgrades to the highly anticipated game. These points are listed below:

Real Touch

In PES 2017, first touch is calculated on the attributes of players, with the inclusion of ball physics directly controlled by the input ball touch. Different players control the ball in unique ways, based on where and how you control them. Every action dictates the flow of the game, based on how players react to the unpredictable movement of the ball. Also, there is more control in how you receive passes, and depending on the pass, the players can visually execute the exact play intended, from the reception to sending the ball out again.

A first touch in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami.

Precise Pass

Passing has now become an art form in PES 2017. The speed and accuracy of the ball is determined by many factors. The major factors are the players rating and skills, with other factors being the player’s direction and angle, which affects the amazing animation to follow. A perfect pass in a good situation and timing will generate a perfect trajectory, which gives an immense satisfaction when a killer pass is made.

Mesut Özil making a lobbed pass. Courtesy: Konami

 Goal Keeping

Keepers have improved in quality, through the help of new motions and animations. They respond quickly to shots and have quick recovery, which has birthed more double saves.

In PES 2017, keepers make deflections when the shot is near their feet, have instant reaction to shots to the side they do not expect and fingertip saves to block shots just before they cross the goal line. These new animations mean that scoring goals in PES 2017 will be no easy task.

Petr Cech making a save in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami

Advanced Instructions

Some strategies such as Tiki-taka and tight marking can now be set in Advanced Instructions, which adds variety to how you intend to win (your built-up). Other strategies like Gegenpressing, counter-target and man-marking are also included. This adds team identity and makes victory more rewarding. This also helps to bring more fun through tactical strategies.

Tight marking in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami

Total Team Control

With total team control in PES 2017, gamers now have instant mentality options during a match. Defend a lead or drive the team forward to score a goal.

Hugo Lloris assisting in a last minute corner. Courtesy: Konami

Corner Kick Control

Control the defensive and offensive strategies in set pieces to add a new dimension to your corner kicks. You choose whether to flood the 6-yard box or man-to- man marking

The “train” in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami

Adaptive AI

In PES 2017, the AI will learn your playing style and your strategy. Do you pass to a star player often? The AI will learn this and cut out such passes by marking such players heavily.

Diego Godin marking Olivier Giroud in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami

Authentic Visuals

In PES 2017, the visuals have been improved, offering authentic visuals, thanks to further incorporation of the Fox Engine. The lights, stadiums, crowd, players and field have been revamped to give the game the stamp of reality.

Oliver Giroud in PES 2017. Courtesy: Konami.

Natural Player Movement

Player collisions have been enhanced with player attributes clearly represented in detailed movements. The representation for balance in the body when being physically challenged is strongly supported in the game.

Mesut Özil being tackled in PEs 2017. Courtesy: Konami.

Do you feel PES 2017 will be a huge success or will lose to FIFA? Tell us your stance in the comments section below.

This article was culled from Konami ‘s official PES 2017 website.


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