FIFA 17: New Improvements Analysis

Are you ready to feel the frostbite in FIFA 17? Earlier this summer, FIFA 17’s ambassadors were announced, which was a breath of fresh air after the 5-year cover campaign of Barcelona star, Lionel Messi. The game’s ambassadors (James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus, the cover star) were selected due to their contribution to the new improvements in the game. James Rodriguez influenced the set-piece rewrite, Eden Hazard helped in the physical play overhaul, Anthony Martial helped in the new attacking techniques and Marco Reus (who is on the cover), also influenced the new intelligence system. Let us look more closely at these new improvements to FIFA 17:

New Attacking Techniques – Anthony Martial

With the help of Anthony Martial, EA Sports was able to incorporate new attacking techniques that help to make the keeper always look at the ball at the back of the net. Some of these improvements include driven shots, low shots and downward headers. This has also helped in the creation of driven goal kicks, so that the ball goes forward with power to enable teams score faster or even create good counter attacks with the perfect through pass and finish it off with the perfect driven shot.

Set-piece rewrite – James Rodriguez

Real Madrid and Colombian star, James Rodriguez has influenced the set-piece rewrite in FIFA 17. Now,in penalties and free kicks,you can dictate your approach and create variety. This has helped in the evolution of a brand-new penalty system. You can now choose to use the player’s outside foot to take set pieces. In throw-ins, you can now move up and down the touchline to make better throws, or use the fake throw option to trick the opponent.

Physical Play Overhaul – Eden Hazard

Chelsea midfielder, Eden Hazard, popularly known for his physical style and dribbling abilities has helped in the creation of the Pushback technology and first-touch blocking in FIFA 17. During set pieces, use the physical play to push-back opponents. Use first-touch blocking to make interceptions.

Active Intelligence System – Marco Reus

With the new active intelligence system in FIFA 17, attacking and passing moves have now become easier. See the pitch and prospective moves and passes like Marco Reus and plan to get the ball in the back of the net. Use through passes and skill moves to open up space and tap the ball into the post, it’s just that easy. Really, the words are: Pass. Move. Score!!!

All these improvements (and of course, FIFA 17’s story mode) have made FIFA 17 arguably the most anticipated game of the fall.

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