FIFA 17 – New features for the Barclays Premier League

Since FIFA 15’s campaign, FIFA has enjoyed an exclusive license to the Barclays Premier League, which is arguably the most popular football league in the world. This license includes access to all Premier League club stadiums, kits, balls and broadcasting interface. This has helped to improve FIFA and make it even more realistic than ever.

But this year, which happens to be the last year of the licensing contract (unless EA Sports extend it), FIFA has gone ahead to utilize this advantage to the fullest in the following ways:

The Journey

In this year’s edition of FIFA, EA Sports has announced a new story mode, tagged “The Journey”. In the Journey, the main character will only be able to start his senior team career in one of the 20 Premier League teams. EA Sports has however not clarified whether he will be able to be transferred to a team in any other league.

Official club names, kits and stadiums

Also, due to this license, FIFA has the right to use the official club names of all Premier League teams. The kits and stadiums of all Premier League teams are fully licensed in the game. However, teams like Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC may not be completely licensed because of the licensing contract they signed with PES.

All Premier League Managers

At long last! This year’s edition of FIFA will feature all 20 Premier League managers, with their unique appearances and traits (yes, even Jürgen Klopp’s wild celebrations). Get ready to see Mourinho, Ranieri, Guardiola and Wenger in the game!

More immersive Matchday Experience

In FIFA 17, the Premier League’s new and improved broadcast interface will be featured as well as the new logo and ball. The ball stand will also be in the game, and all these new additions will definitely improve the feel of the game.


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