PES 2017 released in America

After enjoying a very eventful summer, PES 2017 has been released in America (North and South). The game which has been reviewed by sites like Eurogamer and IGN, has been positively received by the gaming community. 

A demo version of the game was released recently and has given gamers a taste of the excellent graphics and gameplay Konami’s game has to offer. Although, FIFA 17’s demo is being released on the same day as PES’s America release, recent polls have shown that majority of the soccer sim fans are rooting for EA Sports’ package this year, with FIFA 17’s new story mode, graphics and even the inclusion of managers (EPL managers only).

PES 2017 currently sells for £44.49 (for the standard edition) or £55.49 (for the special edition with myClub bonuses).

Tell us what you think about PES 2017 in the comments section below.

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