The Journey – Story Mode Review

To mark EA Sports FIFA’s migration from the Ignite engine to the Frostbite engine, A new story mode has been added to FIFA 17’s package. The mode lets you take over the career of a youngster, Alex Hunter and make his care whatever you want it to be.

About the protagonist (Alex Hunter)

Alex Hunter, the grandson of England legend Jim Hunter is a boy raised in Clapham, London. His parents are Catherine Hunter and Harold Hunter, the latter being an unsuccessful footballer after suffering a career-wrecking injury. Harold later separates from Fatherine, which has an adverse emotional effect on Alex. Alex’s best friend is Gareth Walker, who joins him in any team of his choice.

The Story

N.B.: Although, the storyline is not linear, the mode has a similar beginning.

It all begins at the U-11 finals in Clapham, London, where a young Alex is shown dribbling the players on the other team. Jim and Catherine cheer him on, but on reaching the 18-yard box, Alex is tackled by a defender and the referee doesn’t call for a foul. Harold doesn’t take this well as he yells at Alex for the “poor” effort. Catherine stops him and advises him to leave. The game ends up in a penalty shootout where Alex is asked to play the second penalty for his team, whereas the opposition have a goal and a miss. The outcome of Alex’s penalty (decided by the player) determines the result of your team in the match. The rest of the game is also decided by the player’s actions, decisions and performance on the pitch.

The making of The Journey

EA Sports FIFA’s recent migration from the Ignite engine to the Frostbite engine granted them some tools that form the foundation of The Journey. This migration reportedly took the developers two years. It is assumed that in coming years, story modes will be added to each edition of the game.


Adetomiwa Edun as Alex Hunter

Authenticity Consultants

To make the game more realistic, EA Sports incorporated the experiences of selected players. Some of these players are:

  1. James Rodriguez
  2. Harry Kane
  3. Marcus Rashford
  4. Reece Oxford

Final Verdict

Since FIFA’s main rivals, PES do not have a story mode, The Journey still lacks a competitor. But due to the interesting and addictive nature of the mode, we have rated the mode 9.8/10. Stay tuned to the Games 360° Blog to get more news on your favourite games or enter your e-mail address in the Follow section in the footer.


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