Nintendo announces new console

After long discussions about a new console in the Nintendo family, codenamed the “NX”, the Japanese gaming giants have finally announced the console with the name “Nintendo Switch”. The device features a 7″ tablet, control buttons (detachable from the main tablet) and console dock (that transfers real-time video from the tablet to a HD-enabled TV).


Thi new addition will not be released anytime soon, as Nintendo has confirmed that it will be released in March 2017. Although the package seems interesting, gamers worldwide have criticized a lot of features of the console. Features of the console include:

  1. Game cartridge port
  2. Tablet stand
  3. Detachable control buttons (Directional buttons on the left and ABXY on the right hand side)
  4. 7″ touchscreen tablet
  5. Console dock

Although, many features of the new console have not been announced, it is expected that there will be downloadable games and larger internal memory, more applications and ability to use the Switch as a mere tablet.

The device sees a major improvement from the Wii U, which had a heavy controller and not-so-good aesthetics. The Nintendo Switch has a sleek, mordern design that could even tempt PS Vita users to purchase the console.

Some major games that have been announced for the console include Zelda and NBA 2K17. Nintendo has disclosed that it will confirm more details about the console – including its price and other information – in January 2017.

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