FIFA 17 offers free trial for holiday weekend

For the fans of FIFA who are still contemplating on whether to grab a copy of FIFA 17, EA Sports has released a Free Trial version of the game to last throughout this weekend (ending on November 27th). Unlike the demo of FIFA 17, this trial version will feature the full game modes – without any restrictions whatsoever. 

In the wake of this announcement, EA Sports have also announced The Golden Contoller, just to emphasize the fact that anyone can become a star and make his mark in FIFA 17.

As the end of the year approaches, the battle between Konami’s PES 2017 and EA’s FIFA 17 is getting hotter. Neither side is relenting in their ambition to be crowned the soccer sim game of the year. Stay tuned to the Games 360° Blog for more info on FIFA 17 and many other top video games from around the world.

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