Have you noticed Facebook Messenger’s secret games?

Ever wanted to challenge your friends to a game of hoops or you just wanted to juggle a soccer ball during a hectic day at work? Just open Facebook Messenger, and send one of your contacts an emoji of either a soccer ball or a basketball (it might not be a good idea to send it to your boss, though!) and click on it. This opens up to either a secret soccer juggling game or a basketball-shooting game (depending on the emoji clicked on).

How To Play:

Soccer Juggling: Tap the ball to begin the game. Keep tapping the ball to continue juggling and preventing the ball from rolling out of the screen. For every tap of the ball, one point is awarded. You lose when the ball rolls out of the screen, but the game saves your high score.

A screenshot of the soccer juggling game. Taken on an iPad

Note: The game speeds up when you reach landmark scores like 10, 20 and so on.

Basketball Shooting: Swipe the ball towards the hoop to gain points. For every successful shot, one point is awarded. You lose when you fail to hit the target, but the game saves your high score.

A screenshot of the basketball shooting game. Taken on an iPad.

Note: The score of 10, the hoop starts moving. At 20 and above, the speed at which the hoop moves increases gradually.


For double the fun, create a group with your friends or family. This way, you can keep track of high scores and monitor others’ progress.

N.B.: You may need to update your copy of the Messsenger app before you can enjoy this feature. The Facebook Messenger is ap is available for free on all mobile store platforms, and even for some laptops.

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