Three things FIFA needs to learn from PES

Although, FIFA 17 is a great improvement from last year’s edition of EA Sports’ award-winning soccer simulation series, critics (like me) have still highlighted some areas in which the game can improve and outclass Konami’s PES in the battle for the top soccer video game. These areas include:

  • Better graphics: This is an area where Konami has shown more prowess than FIFA. Although, the Frostbite engine undoubtedly boosted FIFA’s visuals, Konami’s Fox engine has produced out-of-this-world graphics. If EA Sports up their game in this area, it will help to make FIFA more realistic and immersive.
    Eden Hazard in FIFA 17
  • Licensing: FIFA, which arguably has more licenses than PES, still needs more licenses to become the ultimate. Although, Konami has a deal with UEFA (European Football’s governing body) that lasts till next year, EA S ports should prepare to snatch it from the Japanese giants. Also, FIFA lost access to some famous teams’ kits, player names and stadiums this year, including FC Barcelona.
  • Adaptive AI: EA Sports should take initiative from PES’s new technology, which enables the computer to analyze a player’s style and weaknesses, and try to exploit them. This allows the AI to “adapt” to the player’s style and change tactics in subsequent matches. This will make playing against the computer more challenging, even for the best FIFA players.
  • Physics: Commendably, FIFA’s physics has considerably improved in this edition, but there is still room for improvement. PES’ ball physics and collision system has been top notch in the sports simulation industry, due to the implementation of the aforementioned Fox engine, which has birthed games like Metal Gear Solid V and previous editions of PES. EA Sports needs to up their game in this area to make the game more realistic and potentially, win more PES patriots over to their side (don’t ask which side I’m on!).

In conclusion, both FIFA 2017 and PES 2017 have their strengths and weaknesses. EA Sports should put the above-mentioned areas into consideration in the coming editions of the FIFA series.

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